Not Your Average Student Housing

Let's be real – student housing gets a bad rep, sometimes for a good reason. Your average on-campus housing comes with a whole lot of rules and not a lot of personality. No one wants to be stuck in an apartment with a twin bed where you can't even light a candle!

But there are some serious perks to living in student housing. For one, you're close to campus and all the campus amenities, plus the buildings are safe and secure. You don't have to worry about anything except your own personal belongings. Most student housing is fully furnished, which is awesome, because while living on the third floor is great, carrying a couch up flights of stairs is not. We all remember that episode of "Friends." It wasn't pretty. 

The Legacy at Powelton Village is student housing, but better. It has all of the perks of student housing; it's fully furnished throughout and has brand new, stainless steel appliances – including a washer and dryer in your unit. The location is steps away from all your favorite campus spots (Green Line Café is our team's go-to coffee spot and we may or may not get at least 3 gyros a week from Mad Greeks…we plead the fifth), but far enough that you get some much needed space from classes. Best of all, our access-controlled buildings come with a security plan that doesn't involve a guest policy. See below for some photos of our units!


We're so excited for our residents to see how great it is to live at The Legacy! Keep checking this blog and our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates, specials, and other fun tips, tricks, and tidbits from our team.

Hope to see you soon!

The Legacy Family