"What's that place with the magic coffee?"

Every Wednesday night, without fail, my LPV group chat chimes. The conversation always goes like this:

HW: "Breakfast club?"

LR: "Yes! 8:30 at Green Line?"

Me (MC): "Definitely. See you in the morning!"

Thursdays are our “breakfast club” days, the days where we come into the office early and get administrative tasks out of the way. Of course, no breakfast club is complete without a cup of java, which is why we stop at Green Line Cafe on our way into the office. Not only is GLC only steps away from The Legacy, but it also has amazing food and the perfect latte. Their coffee is so perfect that whenever our Sales and Marketing Coordinator comes to check out the property, she says “Let’s go to that place with the magical coffee."

Our team loves their breakfast food. HW will passionately argue that they have the best bagels in University City, and if I could get their grab-and-go breakfast sandwiches everyday believe me, I would. My personal favorite thing that the (super nice) baristas have concocted for me is their coconut latte. The simple addition of some coconut syrup to their already amazing iced lattes gives you the perfect pep to get through the summer heat. Today, ML and I took our lattes (coconut, of course, plus a mint tea and a vanilla latte for our coworkers back at the office) out to their magical back patio for some mid-day TLC.


This spot is perfect for a morning meeting, afternoon study sesh, or a low-key first date. Check back every week for more hot spots and highlights! We’re checking out all of University City’s gems so that you can make UCity your home.